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I'm a 25 year old fashion/editorial and beauty photographer, with a keen eye for the unordinary and extraordinary things in life... I first started taking portraits back in Summer 2008 and over time my projects have grown by each shoot from involving a small amount of props to big amounts along with a creative team of talented individuals.

I like to think I have a unique style of capturing a subjects emotion/look with many post processing/lighting techniques but keeping it as real as possible shifting the style away from the highly staged look. I first got into photography when i was a model and I was merely looking to photograph random objects etc to use in my work.

Alot of my inspiration comes from my ever lasting music collection I've gathered over the years but a couple of times I've picked up a couple of ideas through some films/advertisements. As I am self taught my main goal is achieved every time I photograph someone but of course sometime in the future I hope to work for some well known magazines/agencies.

I really appreciate all the comments and feedback I receive and would personally like to thank every single one of you for taking the time viewing my work.

Sherrod Bolden Photography

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Olivia putting on her WHITE COAT for BEY!!!! #scandal #beyonce #truelife #repost

Olivia putting on her WHITE COAT for BEY!!!! #scandal #beyonce #truelife #repost

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#scandal  #beyonce  #truelife  #repost 
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